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“A Thumbs Up from The Dragons” and “It works!”

                                                    - Dragons Den (BBC)

PiZZa Ball is the fantastic new way to perfect your homemade cooking skills, and when it comes to pizza making, we at PiZZa Ball know how to roll!

PiZZa Ball was designed to get around the problem of having to roll out a pizza base on one surface, then attempting to move it onto another tray without it splitting. Now though, using PiZZa Ball, you can do all your rolling, prepping, making, baking & even your eating (if you wish) on one surface. And you know the best part? It means less washing up!

As you’re rolling out your dough, the shape and design of PiZZa Ball will naturally roll the dough into a circular shape. Giving you a perfect looking pizza.

“Very effective and more fun than a rolling pin.”

                                                      - Lewis Brown (Chichester Observer)

“After seeing Pizza Ball on Dragons Den I was very impressed in the design as an industrial accident left me with two damaged hands. I have lost most of the grip with my fingers, especially holding a rolling pin, but Pizza Ball uses the palm of the hands, so I purchased one to try. The result is, I love it, I can put it into the fridge to chill before I use it , it is great with pastry and I hope to make my own pizzas again. I hope this product is a great success.”

                                                                                                    - Margaret K. Cornwall

Tried & Tested!

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